18 SEPTEMBER, 2023

The short film for the Elliott Harrison song “John” premiered 18 September on YouTube via Jefferson House Communique.

Directed and animated again by Chelsea Westerfield Lamm, who created the enchanting children's short “Goodnight Julia” earlier this year, “John” delves into the lonely and melancholy life of its subject and his inability to find a companion. 

Featuring sparse yet poignant guitar and hopeful saloon upright piano, “John” gives an impactful commentary on loneliness. 

The song is taken from the debut album ELLIOTT HARRISON, released worldwide October of 2022 on Jefferson House Communique.

Watch “John” on YouTube here: 




23 AUGUST, 2023

Elliott Harrison and Jefferson House Communique announced a new music video for the his song "White Elephant", which is the third single from his debut album ELLIOTT HARRISON.

Filmed on location on the dunes along the west coast of Michigan and in the high desert of the Colville Reservation in the Pacific Northwest, the video was directed by Erin Anonymous. 

“The vibe in this song is relentless!”, exclaimed Harrison. “I got to bring out all my percussion toys for this one and create an hypnotic groove on my guitar.”


31 MARCH, 2023

Chelsea Westerfield Lamm, the director/animator behind the music video for the alternative/indie artist Elliott Harrison’s song “Goodnight Julia”, is catching attention for her creative vision and work on the development of the short film.

We were able to recently correspond with her and get some insight into her approach:

She begins “I went into the creative process from the perspective of a child drawing and daydreaming in their bedroom. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to use childlike colored pencil and oil pastel sketches to create a narrative that fit the lyrics of the song. During the sketching process, I came up with the idea to use the brightly colored walls of my craft room as a backdrop. I really loved the elementary-school vibe of taping butterflies and flowers to the wall. Stop-motion was the perfect vehicle to represent a child’s imagination bringing a paper garden to life that would continue to grow into the other landscapes seen in the music video.”

“Stop-Motion has fascinated me since my first attempts during [the pandemic] lockdown because it’s a low-budget/low-tech art that anyone can do with enough patience. It’s very versatile. It lends itself just as well to funny little skits like “Robot Chicken” as it does to more sophisticated films like 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'”

“Goodnight Julia” has garnered over 3,000 YouTube views since its premiere in February, with over 5,000 views across all platforms.

Watch the music video “Goodnight Julia” here.

GOODNIGHT JULIA music video premiere 

27 FEBRUARY 2023

Alternative/Indie artist Elliott Harrison announced today the premiere of the music video for his song “Goodnight Julia”; a charming lullaby that comes to life through the eyes of a child who uses drawings to imagine and welcome sleep. 

Shot in stop-motion, the short film is directed by Chelsea Westerfield Lamm using drawings created from the perspective as if done by a young girl.

Indie singer/songwriter Lani Williams is the vocalist on the song, which is based on a lullaby written by Harrison's father and sung to him and his sister when they were young.

“What she has come up with is absolutely lovely”, said Joseph Lamm of Jefferson House Communique. “It helps visually bring a peaceful close to the ELLIOTT HARRISON album.”

To watch the official music video for “Goodnight Julia” click here.



ELLIOTT HARRISON announces 2023 live dates 

14 FEBRUARY 2023

Elliott Harrison announced today the first two dates of his performances for 2023 will be 12 and 13 May at the Fishers Arts Council in Fishers, Indiana, coinciding with the exhibition for the Forgiving Sea Project, which runs the entire month of May. 

Harrison has been intricately involved with the musical aspects of the interactive installation since early 2021, when he began working with composer/producer/singer Joseph Lamm on soundtracks that accompany the paintings of Carolyn Springer. The sessions have produced the album THE FORGIVING SEA songs for the collection in 2021 and THE FORGIVING SEA variations EP  in 2022.

Songs from his debut ELLIOTT HARRISON will also be featured. He will be joined on 13 May by bassist Jeff Stone, who performed on Harrison's album, as well as the Joseph Lamm + Music Hypnotica albums ANONYMOUS and THE FORGIVING SEA.

More dates will be announced. 


16 JANUARY, 2023

Elliott Harrison and Jefferson House Communique announced today that a music video for the ballad "Goodnight Julia" is scheduled to premiere in early February. 

The animated short film is currently in production and features drawings by Chelsea Westerfield Lamm, who has many animated short films to her credit. 

The animation simply brings to life the lovely message of the lyrics, which are based on a lullaby sung to Harrison and his sister by their father at bedtime. Sung by guest vocalist Lani Williams, the song is from his debut solo album ELLIOTT HARRISON, which was released 28 October, 2022.

"Goodnight Julia" will also be featured as part of "The Elliott Harrison Broadcast" on Musique Boutique podcast in early February to coincide with the premiere.

GROOVE VERSION for "Rev It Up And Pump It Out" premieres 12 December 


The second video version for the Elliott Harrison single "Rev It Up And Pump It Out" premieres today, 12 December. Subtitled "groove version", the video was shot in part on location on the Colville Reservation in Washington and in Indiana.

Where the "love version" focuses on home and family through photographs, the "groove version" has movement as its theme. 

The song is taken from the album Elliott Harrison, which was released on 28 October digitally and on streaming services via Jefferson House Communique. The album will become available on compact disc 23 December, while a vinyl version is scheduled for early 2023.

Watch the music video here.